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Other Services

  • Training and continuous updating for your personal

  • Consulting for logistics and Customs companies for incorporation in Mexico. (Transfer of industries from any location in the world to Mexico)

  • Studies of product tariff in order to be benefit from foreign trades to which Mexico is a party and with such obtain the incentives granted by the Federal Government through the Authorizations (IMMEX, PROSEC, EIGHTH RULE, DRAW BACK)

  • Consulting in the execution of INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE-SALE CONTRACTS (Correct use of Incoterms).

  • We assist your company in the recruitment of Logistics and Transport Services Internationally.

  • Review of your internal proceedings for Foreign Trade and International Traffic.

  • Consulting in handling, transportation, and packaging of DANGEROUS MATERIALS

  • Tariff Classification providing an approximate amount to cover considering the tariff preferences to countries with which Mexico has foreign trade agreements for import operations, as well as the determination of special regulations or permits.

  • Processing of Tariff Classification of the Central Laboratory of the SHCP

  • Government agencies with special procedures.

  • Submission of listings for the import and export to be registered with the SHCP.

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