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The IMMEX Inventory Control Software

The IMMEX Inventory Control Software for Temporary Imports fully complies with the legislation in this matter, -Annex 24, and SHCP requirements-. It has been audited many times by this Ministry. Through our specialized Software, your company will have the Control and Order needed to efficiently perform the Management of an IMMEX Program.

Characteristics of the Software.

  • Full compliance with Annex 24 and SHCP requirements.

  • Control of Losses and Waste.

  • Proof of Transference.

  • Control of Fixed Assets.

  • Interphase for the migration of other applications (You can migrate to the system from the database of your custom brokers).

  • Since it’s developed in a friendly platform it guarantees its updating and no obsolescence.

  • Immediate updates of the changes on the Foreign Trade legislation.

  • Available in the Network Version.

    Additional Characteristics.

  • Handles access permits (safety) and options per each user.

  • Allows keeping control of multiple databases within the same system.

  • Will download faster than any other software of its kind, since it has an automatic display system of the inventory, that will reduce the downloading time beyond half the timing (the automatic display of the inventory will be a function that might be deactivated if the user choses that option).

  • Has a module to import/export data towards/from its database.

  • Has an internal log where the activities performed by each user are recorded.

  • The system controls the basic operations of Foreign Trade: downloads, balances, verifications, regime changes, elimination records, etc.

  • Among others…

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